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My Latest Project

About me? Hmmm.. My name is Richard Carpenter and I knew since the fourth grade that I wanted to be an artist. I took every art class I could through high school until 1974. Then it was off to find a job (several jobs actually!) and try to make a living.

My dad, whom I had spent little time with since the fourth grade, was in poor health, and asked my brothers, my sister, and I to move to Idaho on several occasions. Help take care of things, he would say. By 1990, I was sick of the city life, and thought it would be a great time to get to know the dad I never had. That is what brought me to Idaho. We spent one wonderful year together, before he passed away.

No job and living over 20 miles from the little town of Salmon, I didn't know what to do.

I met a fantastic lady, April, who asked me if I could do anything I wanted for a living, what would I like to do? "I'd like to be an artist", She said " You're an artist, get to work. Right then I made a commitment to pursue a living making art.

With an old broken antler I had, one Dremel tool, a few bits, and a lot of desire, so I started carving earrings, hatpins, bolos, pendants, and buckles. April also did art and would assemble the antler jewelry in her own style. We would drive from town to town and sell our art. Gas was cheaper then! With hunting, fishing, gardening, working forest fires in the summer, and Art, we've managed to survive.

When April got cancer in 1999, I would sell our work in the streets of Montana so we could stay in a motel during her treatments. I would carve in the parking lot of the motel. April could no longer do her half of the jewelry, art and sales. We could no longer afford to travel so I taught myself the computer and started sell things on eBay. Found the button collectors and carved buttons for my bread and butter for 5 or 6 years. As long as the bills were paid , I'd work on my bigger pieces. Carving Scenes in whole moose antlers and making unusual piece of art from what we could find. Mostly natural materials.

I spent 3 long winter months sorting and weaving my first Pine Needle Bear cub on our living room floor by the woodstove. 8 months to finish the larger bears. When I sent an email to an internet friend with pictures of my work, she sent them to her friends and so on. Pictures quickly went viral around the globe in emails.I received over 30,000 emails in a few short months form over 70 countries. By request, my bears and carvings have been published in magazines in the U.K. the U.S. and Canada. and ? Blogs, Newspapers, TV News, and a TV talk show in Ohio. I even had a live Radio Interview out of San Francisco.

I'm a self taught artist and sell my own work. I live in the country and my work has never been in a gallery, or a museum. I've never entered shows of competition for ribbons or prize money.

April is now an 11 year survivor. Although other medical issues keep her from many activities, we are blessed in many ways. We still live day to day and dollar to dollar. We thank God for my talents and all that we have.

Our Statement of Faith

There is only ONE God Almighty and I belong to Him. He gave me my life and I pray to Jesus He will be pleased with my work and that it will inspire others for the good of God. When all seemed lost and we didn't know what to do next, we'd give up and let Jesus decide what was to happen next. Our faith in Him has always proved true and He has always seen us through our hard times. There is no mistake that you are reading this now. Jesus knew you would. You can thank Him for the art you see, not me. Seek the wisdom of our Lord, Jesus. Remember...All of time.... is based on the life and death of Jesus. This is the year 2010 AD. Since He died for us on the cross, all of mankind is on His clock. So...let's thank Him now for the time He has given us. Thank you Lord for all the time you have given me to see the wonders our Father God Almighty has given us. Thank you Lord Jesus for all the times you helped us through the hard times. For those times have taught us patience, faith and wisdom. Thank you for caring enough to die for our sins. Thank you for your love.
Richard Carpenter.

"The Word"

About Us Questions and Answers Pine Needle Bears
Moose Palm Carvings Carved Button Slideshow Misc. Folk Art Carved Jewelery
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My Latest Project

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